Faculty Development Program

About Ma'din Faculty Development Prgramme

Alcoholism, also known as Alcoholic Dependence Syndrome (ADS) is a disease. It is characterized by symptoms of impaired control over alcohol, compulsive thoughts about alcohol and distorted thinking. The death rate is so high due to alcohol consumption.

The most notable thing regarding alcohol consumption is that there is no other disease but ADS which uproot social, economic, family and physical life of individual. According to some learned observations most of all alcohol addicts strive for bringing this problem in to end. But they are unable. A help from any part may help them in great deal to overcome this problem. This is the rationale behind the opening of MA’DIN de-addiction care. This program aims to create a group of ambassadors during the period who will work as peer educators. The stimuli behind the beginning of project is the increasing number of such cases reported to the spiritual gatherings of ma ’din. Such facilities are too short around Malappuram

• Provide the treatment for alcohol addicts
• To reduce the number of people taking alcohol
• To ensure positive understanding in the social, economic, family and physical    life of alcohol addicts

• Relieve individuals from alcohol addiction
• Create one hundred and twenty ambassadors who will work as peer    educators

• Camp model of thirty days
• Family meeting at the first, middle and last day is compulsory (family counseling)
• Not allowed to go home during the period
• Meeting of group once in every three months as part Of follow up
• warmth atmosphere

• Medical professional
• Social worker
• Psychologist
• Spiritual instructor
• peer educator

The implementation of the project is for a period of two years starting from July 2012. First two months will be for legal and infrastructural arrangements. During the project period three hundred and thirty alcohol addicts will be treated through twenty two batches. From which one hundred and twenty ambassadors will be selected. They will work as peer educators leading to construct a MA’DIN family of same group.