Public School


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Language should not be a barrier to the pursuit of knowledge. Those who have the will should have their way too. This realization prompted Ma’din to start a Public School.

This school is unique as it imparts religious lessons to students along with the school subjects. The big campus has all recreation facilities to shape the personality of learners in a healthy atmosphere. Ma’din students are performing well in competitive examinations besides in the field of arts and sports. Some of them have done the school proud at the national level.

Most people spend a few years at school and for some these are the best years of their lives, whilst others can’t wait to leave. Perhaps if all schools were as exciting as some we read about, then no-one would ever want to leave!

Ma’din Public School has been continuously adding features that could improve the quality of education for the children. In keeping up with the technological progress, the school has introduced Computer Aided Learning (Smart Class Rooms) to make teaching and learning more effective.