Institute of Turkish Studies

Ma’din Institute of Turkish Studies is an institution under Ma’din Academy, Malappuram, Kerala, India established as part of its continuous expansion of foreign language learning centers in the state.

Turkish is the official language in Turkey with a population of over 72 million and also in the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Turkish is spoken by small groups of ethnic Turks in Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and some other regions of Eastern Europe. Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and France also have large Turkish immigrant communities, the most populous Turkish community being in Germany. In Azerbaijan and in some ex-Soviet republics Turkish is spoken too.

The institute offers three levels of Turkish language training differently tailored for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. The instruction adopts a communicative approach where the students will start practicing the new language from the very first lesson. Moreover, the training follows international benchmarks of teaching and learning in order to achieve international equivalency of proficiency.

Promote the learning of Turkish language and culture in India.