About Malappuram

About Malappuram

Malappuram (Malayalam: മലപ്പുറം) was a military head quarters from ancient times. Initially home to the Valluvanad chieftains, Malappuram was annexed by the Zamorins in his conquests and since then served as his military headquarters. The Zamorins of Kozhikode had their away over this place and they stationed a part of their militia here. Para Nimbi, the chieftain of the Zamorin, ruled with his head quarters at Kottappady in Malappuram. The Fort Gate Maidan (Kottappady) was once used for training military of the Zamorin. It was also a centre for Islamic and Vedic studies. Tipu Sultan had a fort here at Malappuram. Later The Britishers established the Haig Barrackson top of hill, at the banks of kadalundi river, to station their forces. Main barracks has now been turned into the seat of district administration.


Malappuram is situated in the mid land area of the state. As the name suggests, it is covered with small beautiful mountains of lushly greenery, bonded with several fresh water streams flowing through the city bestows a harmony of natural beauty. Kadalundi Puzha, a major river in Kerala is flowing around the city. Malappuram is one of the few municipalities in the state with a tremendous track record of keeping city clean.

Country India
State         Kerala
District  Malappuram District

Type Municipal Council
Body Malappuram Municipality
Chairman Muhammad Musthafa
Deputy Chairperson K.M Girija

City 33.61 km2 (12.98 sq mi) 

City 101,330
Density 3,000/km2 (7,800/sq mi)
Metro 1,698,645

Official Malayalam, English 

The city has more or less the same climatic conditions prevalent else-where the state. The climate is generally mild hot and humid in nature.