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About Ma'din Academy

With more than 25 educational and various institutions under its vast crown.

Madin Academy, with 16 years from the sowing of its seed, has now grown enough to impart its flowers and fruits to all sections of humanity and its shade has spread enough to shelter the poor and needy .
Madin academy, (registered as Ma’dinu Ssaquafathil Islamiyya) established in 1997 under the societies Registration Act of 1860, has now transformed itself into a mass movement of smart learning with more than 25 educational and various institutions under its vast crown.

People from all walks of life and all parts of the world have been visiting us for acquiring knowledge from the right route of value based education. Our various colleges and extension activities play vital role in the growth of a new generation, progress of the society, and development of a better culture.

Ma’din stands for the protection of the orphans and the uplifting of the poor and the needy. Ma’din remains inimitable in rehabilitating the Deaf, the Blind and the Mentally Challenged students and bringing them back to the mainstream. Ma’din offers them food, shelter, education and other facilities free of cost. Financial assistance is extended to the orphan girls for their marriage.

We missionize for

  • Uplifting of the poor and the needy into mainstream.
  • Moulding up a moralized generation.
  • Empowering relationship and Encouraging education.
  • Maximize the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and contributing to better public policy.
  • Community identity, the talents and the excellence of life.

Meet our chairman

Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleel Bukhari

Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleel Bukhari